ICT Tools

Use online tools to support international communication or the creation of products - students will love it!

Cool tools for project and school work

The internet offers a wide range of innovative, practical and creative information and communication technology tools for collaborating with your partners and enriching your projects as well as lessons.
All of the presented services have a cost-free basic version. Many offer a paid “pro-version” but in general the free basic versions are sufficient for project work.

Find information and communication technology (ICT) tools in the following categories:

Making websites & blogs
Internet forums
Chat rooms
Internet telephony
Working together online and/or sharing files
Networks and platforms
Learning badges
Photo/video editing & design/publishing software                     
Creativity & fun

Collections of web tools for teachers
www.schule.at/tools/werkzeuge-fuer-den-unterricht.html (in German)

Remark: There is controversy about the privacy settings and data safety of most of the presented services. Summing up these discussions is next to impossible and would definitely exceed this toolbox. Please be aware of these issues and get informed once you decide to use one of the tools.