Handbook for International School Projects

The handbook is a result of seven years of aces experiences and 25 years’ know-how with international school partnerships at IZ.
General contents and advises are also very valuable
for local projects.

Project Handbook

It offers information, tools, recommendations as well as examples of good practice (taken from the vast treasure chest of aces projects) which demonstrate what international school projects are all about. The handbook helps to navigate successfully through the different stages of such a project, to handle challenges along the way and to make the most of the results and learning experiences.

Drawings by Vanda Kovacs

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Cover, table of contents and introduction

Find out more about the content and what the handbook is all about (pp. 1-7).


Getting into international school projects 

This chapter deals with general background information on international school projects, their characteristics, aims and the competences and skills they promote (pp. 8-17).


Laying the foundations for a successful project

In this section you can find advice and information for the preparation phase as well as useful "dos and don'ts" for the project implemenation. Various issues need to be kept in mind, wishes and aims need to be reflected and further steps planned (pp. 18-37).

Implementing the project with your partners

This chapter includes information on the practical implementation of cross-border projects together with partner schools. You can find recommendations for the joint planning process, means of communication, joint activities, motivation, conflict resolution as well as evaluation (pp.  38-71).

Making your project visible and sustainable 

An international school project incorporates a lot of work, time, effort, energy and enthusiasm. It yields valuable results and learning experiences. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ensure the visibility (e.g. through PR activities) and sustainability of the project as well as the learning outcomes (pp. 72-84).

References & Links 

Here you can find numerous useful links related to the topics discussed in the handbook as well as further information about the partner organisations (pp. 85-90).