aces Publications

aces has published
several booklets and folders on different topics


aces Notebook

This new 'conference tool' was presented at the Academy 2016 and had the purpose to provide a place for keeping all the precious personal and collective experiences. It offered a two-sided approach: The front part related to the programme of the event and the back side was dedicated to our participants’ aces friends and social connections.

aces Notebook (2016)

Handbook for International School Projects

Information, tools, challenges, recommendations and examples of good practice

Handbook for International School Projects (2014)


Family Stays Folder

Information folder with tips and recommendations
regarding the organisation of family stays for project partner visits.

Family Stays folder (2015)


aces Folder

Short information folder about the school partnership projects as well as the initiative and the philosophy behind aces.

aces Folder


Thoughts for aces

Authors from the 15 aces partner countries contributed their thoughts and visions to aces topics.

Thoughts for aces (2012)


The Travel Guide to aces

In March 2009, an editorial team of six young people from different disciplines, none of them involved in aces before, accompanied the Academy in Budapest with the task of documentation. The outcome is a creative booklet documenting the event and depicting the aces spirit.

The Travel Guide to aces (2009)