aces Toolbox

Find suitable learning activities, innovative teaching methods, exciting online tools, publications worth reading and inspirational websites

The treasure chest of aces

This toolbox provides you with essential online resources for working on aces principles and topics. Whether you are in search of inspirations for proper classroom activities, cool tools for online collaboration, profound background information or general tips and tricks for international school projects: it's all inside!

One of the main aims of aces is to contribute to the development of educational quality and innovation in the region. At the same time, the aces network highly benefits from the fact that it is a community of practitioners.

The toolbox is an entire section dedicated to our “aces treasures”, which were either shared at the international aces events or have inspired the schools’ project work. Furthermore you can find publications by the aces management and useful tips, e.g. for raising additional project money:

ICT tools
Background materials
Project handbook